Malcolm Atkin  Military Research

Fighting Nazi Occupation 

by Malcolm Atkin BA, FSA, MCIFA 


A major reassessment of the plans to organise a complex package of short-term guerrilla warfare and longer-term resistance in the case of a Nazi invasion of Britain.   It tells the story of competition by the Secret Intelligence Service (MI6) and War Office to organise  irregular warfare in the country and  the result is a new vision of the murky and machiavellian world of wartime British intelligence.  The study includes new insights into the now well-known (if much misunderstood)  War Office Auxiliary Units and the wider  role of the Home Guard in secret warfare.


This is also the first  substantial publication of one of the Second World War's last, and best-kept, secrets - the existence of an ultra-secret resistance network organised by SIS and continuing in operation for most of the war.


The book is fully-referenced and features extensive quotations from the original documents - many of these published for the first time.

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Published  September 2015  Price £19.99.


Hardcover: 224 pages

ISBN-10: 1473833779

ISBN-13: 978-1473833777


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